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Housing Production and Tenant Services Experience


To date, Housing Services Alliance has been involved in 82 affordable housing projects with a total of 3,059 units. Housing Services Alliance has participated in these projects in various capacities ranging from full or partial ownership interests to being the independent developer and coordinating tenant services. This extensive experience in the development of affordable housing includes projects financed with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, HUD 202, HUD 811, and other HUD Programs, Rural Development Housing Finance Programs, and numerous state and local housing finance and supportive services resources. Housing Services Alliance holds the controlling interest in and/or is the managing partner in 42 projects involving 1455 rental housing units.


Housing Services Alliance's housing production and tenant services experience includes:


Tenant Service Coordination:


47 Projects with 1702 Units

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program:

72 Projects with 2793 Units

Rural Development Housing Finance Program:

56 Projects with 2114 Units

HUD 202:

3 Projects with 38 Units

Controlling Interest in Development Entity:

42 Projects with 1455 Units

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