Supportive Services

Housing Services Alliance began business by providing services in rural counties throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia and in recent years has expanded this service to Tennessee. Housing Services Alliance employs a Supportive Services Director to oversee service delivery programs at our communities and also regional coordinators who oversee clusters of communities within specific areas. 


Many Housing Services Alliance communities have on-site resident services and also programs for involving residents in services and activities available in the broader community. The service goals of Housing Services Alliance are to provide or coordinate transportation, life skills training, food service, adult supervised day care for children, scheduled enrichment and educational activities and programming within the residential project, and training courses in areas such as computer literacy, life skills, parenting, health and nutrition, first aid/CPR, and personal finance management. Housing Services Alliance utilizes existing services available through public, private and community based agencies and organizations. Services are implemented in close coordination and communication with the residents to ensure that the services and activities provided meet the needs and desires of the residents.


Housing Services Alliance is confident that well-coordinated tenant services, in connection with quality affordable housing, immeasurably improve and enhance the quality of life of the middle to low income residents it serves. Housing Services Alliance's prime objective is helping residents in its affordable housing communities to begin to build a future. Tenant services plans include multiple components:

  • At initial project planning, appropriate facilities design are considered such as multi-purpose community rooms with kitchen, TV/entertainment spaces, exercise and wellness screening rooms, libraries, and laundry facilities. Most communities have well designed outdoor amenities.

  • Also at funding application time, makes agreements with local service providers for on and off-site services. Standard services are consistent with the project community type whether family, special needs or senior. Most tenant service packages include health and wellness screening, transportation, fire and safety training, computer classes, socialization and recreational activities. Family communities may also include childcare services, parenting skills, employment placement and financial training.

  • After funding and construction begin, works with the selected providers to ensure the type and level of appropriate services will be available at the time tenants move into the community.

  • Housing Services Alliance holds introductory meetings with residents and the Supportive Services Coordinator to obtain tenant input on services and activities planned.

  • Housing Services Alliance generally monitors its communities and the effectiveness of its tenant service plans on a quarterly basis. The results, along with tenant input, are used to improve and adjust tenant services provided.

  • Housing Services Alliance has a reputation of being exceptionally good at providing services and working closely with residents.


HSA is a member of the AASC (American Association of Service Coordinators)

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