The Past.       The Present.       The Plan.

HSA was founded in 2003 as a 501(c)3

non-profit agency with the intent of providing housing services to low income communities.


The board was assembled with persons of diverse backgrounds who had an interest to construct something beyond buildings -- to develop strong communities and enrich lives.

Recently HSA underwent a reorganization geared towards focusing on rural development and supportive services to help improve the lives of those in communities whether HSA owns the community or no.


Longtime board member, Liam McGuigan, of Coventry Capital Group in King of Prussia, PA, became the board chairman and inspired the recent dynamic change of direction. Under his guidance, HSA repositioned assets and personnel and developed a new long term vision.

HSA is currently looking for development partners to creatively seek new opportunities and to respond to the needs of low income and special needs families in our region. HSA offers tremendous experience from a non-profit agency standpoint and the capability to be a facilitating partner in multiple scenarios.


HSA has long term goals of establishing and maintaining a national presence that will benefit thousands of families in need of safe, decent, efficient and affordable housing.